Jamie Yeung

Jamie Yeung

Born in Hong Kong, Jamie developed an early passion for the outdoors and sports. She joined a local competitive club at age 9, and her love for swimming and success in the sport grew from there. By 2014, Jamie began competing for the Hong Kong team at the Youth Olympics and Asia Games. She would go on to study and swim at the University of Michigan, and later earn a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games in the 4x100 medley relay. As a breaststroke specialist, Jamie made the decision to continue her career after college, with a goal of making it to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics. Following COVID-19, which delayed the Olympics until 2021, and a training schedule that saw her living in quarantine at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, Jamie and her teammates qualified for the 4x100 medley relay in May 2021. That same month, Jamie would also receive her Master’s degree from the University of Michigan, which she had been pursuing simultaneously to her Olympic training. 

“After the Olympics, and working in consulting, I wanted to work at the intersection of sports and business, while also having an impact on youth through what I do. So, in addition to still being a part-time athlete, I now also work at World Aquatics as a sports development assistant.

It was important to me in this next stage of my career to work in a field that was close to my passion. I think having heart in what you do brings out the best work in you and the others around you.

Being able to participate at the Olympics remains the proudest moment for me as an athlete and professional. At the beginning it was a far-fetched dream, it was a step-by-step process and long journey in which I learned so much, met so many great people, and conquered many challenges that made it so worth it and special at the end.

The reason why I wear LUAH is because I think athletes are often viewed as strong and hardworking, always sweating or in sweats. But I think athletes can also be proud of their body, skin and beauty. We can be beautiful and strong at the same time. LUAH as a brand, and I as an athlete, share this same DNA."