LUAH’s trio of founders hail from all over the globe — U.S., Brazil, and U.K. – and today the company calls Hong Kong home. We share a passion for an active lifestyle, whether that’s working out, sailing, hiking or running. 

Like so many others, our love of jewelry and an active lifestyle didn’t mix. Our favorites got lost or damaged from constantly taking jewelry on and off. Regular wear resulted in tarnishing and fading. Cheap pieces didn’t last, and fine jewelry was either too fragile or valuable to risk.

And so the idea behind LUAH was born.

Taking inspiration from the luxury-watch industry, we developed a process to create jewelry that withstands the trials of everyday life. 

We nurtured relationships with factories, sustainable suppliers and designers, and tested each piece with real athletes and people with busy schedules and active lifestyles. After a 16-month product development journey, we were finally ready to share our first collection with our growing community.  

Today, the LUAH community defines who we are and everything we make. We’re here to champion their talents and lifestyles, creating durable fine jewelry sans sacrifice. 

Jewelry that's actually Lifeproof

Go ahead - Take an afternoon swim wearing your fave necklace. Keep your rings on everywhere (yes, even the squat rack). LUAH goes with you from the gym to office, day to night.

Jewelry that keeps up with you

Throw out the care card. We create hypoallergenic, fade-resistant, and sustainably-made jewelry to withstand the demands of modern life.

Jewelry that outlasts

As product perfectionists, we studied up on time-honored traditions from Swiss watchmakers and world class jewelers. We design for ultimate durability without ever sacrificing style.