What if you could skip the complex care instructions, the long list of don’ts, the always-putting-it-on-and-taking-it-off that comes with wearing fine jewelry?

Meet LUAH.

We craft wear-anywhere jewelry for every lifestyle, because fine jewelry should go everywhere you do. Go swimming, enjoy a sweaty gym sesh, or tear up the dance floor — all without clutching your pearls.


We are product perfectionists with a simple approach. Tarnishable low-quality jewelry is a problem, and we are here to solve it.

Most jewelry consists of a base metal — brass, copper, or silver — and goes through a process called electroplating, which coats the piece in a microscopic layer of gold.

Unfortunately, using such little gold creates jewelry that tarnishes and discolors when exposed to moisture, lotion, and makeup.

On top of that, electroplating isn’t great for the planet. The process involves an exhaustive chemical bath of liquids like acid cleaners, alkaline cleaners, solvents, and abrasives.

At LUAH, we are committed to sustainably made jewelry that will last our customers for years. Electroplated jewelry simply does not deliver on this commitment.

So, we have thrown out the playbook, sourced materials and manufacturing methods used by Swiss watchmakers, and created a product truly built for everyday wear.


The Base

Instead of using corruptible base metals like copper, silver, and brass, we sourced luxury steel from Japan that is hypoallergenic and extremely resistant to moisture, corrosive chemicals, and heat.

The Plating

We turned to Swiss watchmakers for inspiration on better plating. We use a AAA-grade coat of 18K gold on all our jewelry — creating hypoallergenic, fade resistant, waterproof, and sweatproof jewelry you never have to take off.

The Planet

We’re committed to making sustainable jewelry that lasts you a long time. Not only does our plating make every piece more durable, it also doesn’t require environmentally harmful chemical baths, creating less material waste and fewer secondary pollutants.


We’re on a mission to keep plastic out of landfills and oceans, so we evaluated the full lifecycle of our packaging. We use 100% plastic-free, natural materials that are either easily recyclable or naturally biodegradable.

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Recyclable Boxes

Our shipping boxes and jewelry boxes are made from recycled cardboard and paper. Go ahead, reuse and recycle!

Biodegradable Paper

We use uncoated paper and water-based glues and inks to create all our jewelry cards. Cute, huh?

Bamboo Pouches

Your pieces will arrive in a pouch made from woven bamboo fibers. You guessed it — they’re also biodegradable and contain no plastic.